Business Organizations & Corporate Law

Business organizations come in various forms, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. Each structure offers distinct advantages in terms of liability, taxation, and management. State and federal laws impact businesses in many ways, such as varied requirements for business registrations, licensing, and annual reports. Federal laws may dictate additional or separate requirements for large corporations and publicly-traded companies.

Given the complexities of business and corporate law, working with experienced business and corporate law attorneys on legal matters is critical to avoid pitfalls and maintain business credibility. Quadros, Migl & Crosby is a boutique Texas law firm with 60 years of combined experience helping clients in Houston and surrounding areas with legal matters that safeguard the interests and prosperity of businesses in an evolving legal landscape. 

Types of Business and Corporate Matters We Handle

At Quadros, Migl & Crosby, we handle the following business and corporate matters for clients in Houston and surrounding areas:

Business Organizations

The legal matters related to forming and managing a business organization can be incredibly complex. As such, whether you’re dealing with a small company, large corporation, or franchise, the impacts of your decisions and actions now may be felt for years to come. Collaborating with an experienced attorney well-versed in state and federal laws is the most effective way to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Entity Formation

An entity formation is when you choose the type of structure and management for your business organization and complete the necessary legal steps to form the business entity officially.

There are many different types of entities, such as LLCs, corporations, partnerships (LLPs and LLLPs), sole proprietorships, public benefit corporations, and so on.


Many people choose to become small business owners by investing in a franchise. Our legal team can assist business owners in negotiating the best deal by reviewing franchise documents, assisting in establishing their franchise location, expanding an existing franchise, or starting from scratch.

We already represent numerous franchisees across Houston, including national fast-food chains, laboratories, and sandwich shops.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a critical component of owning and operating a business organization. As a business owner, you are legally responsible for keeping your business compliant with all local, state, and federal business laws.

Having an attorney to handle your regulatory compliance takes the burden off you as a business owner. Instead, it puts those essential matters into the hands of those with expertise in such areas.

Employment Law

Employment law is a broad legal area, but it includes all matters related to your employees and your business as an employer. As such, you must follow thousands of federal and state employment laws to remain compliant.

Employment law matters could be related to compensation, labor laws, benefits administration, employment discrimination, unemployment, pensions, and so on.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law deals with protecting (and enforcing) the rights of creative professionals, inventors, business owners, and others who create and design intellectual property.

These may include:

  • Copyright Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Patent Law
  • Trade Secrets

Contract Law

Any business owner knows the importance of drafting and enforcing contracts. Contract law refers to any agreement between individuals, groups, or business entities. State laws govern contracts and their enforcement, and Texas law recognizes both written and oral agreements.

Drafting, Reviewing, And Negotiating

Businesses require contracts to operate successfully. Our legal team can ensure any agreements going in or out of your business are correctly drafted and negotiated.

All kinds of legal issues could be hiding in a contract that you, as a business owner, may not notice. Therefore, only an experienced contract law attorney should be trusted to handle your company’s contracts and agreements.

Dispute Resolution

When there is a dispute or breach of contract, we can help you navigate the process of negotiating, mediating, or arbitrating as needed. Often, dispute resolution terms may be included within the contract itself. Our team can ensure that all parties are treated fairly with the most desirable outcome.

Financing & Finance Law

Finance matters can be highly complex, especially in corporate settings. Reviewing and negotiating financing terms is critical to your organization’s growth and success. The attorneys at Quadros Migl & Crosby can assist with existing financial matters or if you’re looking to obtain financing for your organization.

Corporate Finance And Tax Law Matters

To ensure corporate finance transactions comply with the various regulations and laws impacting your business, having an experienced attorney on your team is critical. These matters may involve mergers & acquisitions, real estate financing, buyouts, recapitalizations, etc.

Securities Law

If your corporation or business is financed through the sales of stocks and bonds or deals with the stock market, you must comply with federal laws and restrictions. The Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has strict regulations related to these matters. In addition, state law also governs corporate finance in Texas.

Our legal team can help ensure you comply with these complicated regulations, thereby reducing risk of litigation or unnecessary expenses.

Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations

Some non-profits and other organizations may be exempt from paying state taxes on purchases. Still, there’s a process to apply for tax-exempt status and other regulations you must follow to remain compliant.

We can assist with creating and maintaining your 501(c) organization and help you obtain tax exemptions at the state and federal levels.

Handling Tax Controversy

Whether you’re dealing with civil litigation, an IRS audit, or IRS collections, tax controversy can be very detrimental to your business operations and finances, not to mention the added stress for business owners.

If you’re dealing with a tax controversy, we can assist with IRS appeals, resolving payroll matters, or representing your business during litigation. In any situation, we will ensure the case moves forward toward a speedy resolution.

Why Choose the Business and Corporate Lawyers at Quadros, Migl & Crosby

The business organization and corporate law lawyers at Quadros, Migl & Crosby are invaluable partners for entrepreneurs and corporations alike. Our focused knowledge not only safeguards clients from legal pitfalls but also helps leverage legal strategies to achieve business objectives effectively. 

We offer the following benefits for our clients: 

  • We put our client’s interests first 
  • We provide big law expertise at boutique firm prices
  • We provide flexible solutions 
  • We provide exceptional customer service 
  • We have over 60 years of combined legal experience with diverse professional backgrounds

Putting your needs first guides everything we do. Our legal team builds lasting relationships with our clients by providing cost-effective, practical legal solutions. By delivering exceptional legal guidance, you can focus on running your business.

Trust an Experienced Legal Team With Your Business and Corporate Law Matters

Navigating the world of corporate law can be daunting for any business, regardless of its size or tenure. That’s why it’s important to have a team of experienced attorneys at Quadros, Migl & Crosby by your side who can help navigate the complex legal system and protect your business interests. 

Contact one of our experienced business or corporate lawyers today at (713) 300-9662 or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation. We are dedicated to achieving a positive outcome for your legal matters.