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Subcontractor disputes are a common yet complex facet of the construction industry, where the intricacies of contracts, expectations, and deliverables can often lead to misunderstandings and disagreements. Whether it’s issues related to non-payment, delays, or the quality of work, such conflicts can derail even the most meticulously planned projects, resulting in significant financial and operational repercussions for all parties involved.

The experienced subcontractor lawyers at Quadros, Migl & Crosby serve as your advocates, employing an in-depth knowledge of Texas law and industry standards to protect your interests, mediate conflicts, and facilitate a resolution that aligns with your business goals. We know the potential impact of these types of disputes on projects, costing you valuable time and resources. We provide sophisticated legal representation that steers you towards a resolution that not only favors your business but also preserves professional relationships and maintains project timelines. 

Who May Be Liable for a Subcontractor Dispute? 

Determining liability in subcontractor disputes can be complex, often involving multiple parties and layers of contractual obligations. Understanding who may be liable requires a thorough examination of contracts, work performance, and legal responsibilities. 

The following are the primary parties that could be held accountable:

General Contractors

General contractors are frequently at the center of subcontractor disputes as they are typically responsible for overseeing the subcontractors’ work. If a general contractor fails to pay the subcontractor as stipulated, or if they do not manage the project effectively, leading to delays or quality issues, they could be held liable.


Subcontractors themselves can also be liable, particularly if they fail to complete their portion of the work according to the contract specifications, or if their work is defective. Subcontractors are required to fulfill their contractual duties, and failure to do so can lead them to be responsible for any resulting damages.

Project Owners

Project owners might be liable if their actions directly contribute to the dispute. For example, if an owner provides incomplete or inaccurate project specifications or delays in approving work, these actions could trigger disputes over project scope, delays, or additional costs.

Architects and Engineers

In some cases, the professionals who design the project, such as architects and engineers, can also be held liable. If there are flaws in the design that lead to construction issues, or if they fail to provide adequate oversight during the construction phase, they can be accountable for disputes that arise from these oversights.

Material Suppliers

Suppliers may be implicated if they provide substandard materials that fail to meet the specifications or expected quality standards, leading to work that is defective or not compliant with regulatory requirements. This can result in disputes over the suitability of materials and the overall integrity of the constructed project.

A knowledgeable construction law attorney can assess the contracts and conduct involved, advise on the best course of action, and represent your interests in negotiations or court proceedings to obtain a favorable outcome.

Types of Subcontractor Cases We Handle at Quadros, Migl & Crosby 

At Quadros, Migl & Crosby, our seasoned team of construction law professionals have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of subcontractor cases, ensuring that our clients navigate their legal challenges effectively and efficiently. Our experience encompasses various situations, from routine disagreements to complex litigation. 

The following are the primary types of subcontractor cases we handle:

Payment Disputes

One of the most common issues in construction involves disputes over payment. We handle cases involving delayed payments, non-payment, and disputes over the scope of payment as defined by the contract. Our legal strategies are designed to enforce payment rights and secure the compensation our clients are entitled to under the law.

Contractual Breaches

We represent clients in cases where either party alleges breaches of contract. This includes disputes over contract terms, non-compliance with specifications, and failure to meet project timelines or standards. We focus on resolving these issues through negotiation or litigation, depending on what best serves our client’s interests.

Quality and Defect Claims

Issues regarding the quality of work or materials can significantly impact a project. Our attorneys are experienced in handling claims related to construction defects, inadequate work, and non-compliance with safety standards, striving to achieve resolutions that uphold our clients’ standards and project integrity.

Delay Claims

Construction delays can be costly and disrupt project timelines. We represent clients in disputes arising from delays caused by subcontractors or those affecting subcontractors, including analyzing and challenging claims for extensions, additional costs, and liquidated damages.

Termination Issues

We guide clients through the complex process of contract termination, whether it’s for cause or convenience. This includes advising on legal ramifications, negotiating settlements, and handling disputes arising from termination decisions.

Lien Claims

Our firm assists with filing, enforcing, and defending against mechanic’s liens. These are crucial for subcontractors seeking to secure payment for their work. We ensure all procedural requirements are met and represent clients in lien foreclosure actions if necessary.

At Quadros, Migl & Crosby, we understand that subcontractor disputes can significantly affect your business and project outcomes. Our comprehensive approach is tailored to protect your interests and achieve favorable resolutions, leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of construction law and years of specialized experience. Whether through mediation, arbitration, or courtroom litigation, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf.

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