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What is Piercing an LLC’s Corporate Veil?

Protecting your personal assets from your creditors is one of the major advantages of establishing a limited liability company. Unique to corporations, this personal liability protection does not extend to other business models, such as sole proprietorships or general partnerships. Sometimes, courts allow creditors to pierce the corporate veil. That is, they permit creditors to […]

Are you Really Ready to Buy a Fast-Food Franchise?

With the invention of delivery apps, fast-food restaurants are experiencing a boom. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than half of all fast-food establishments in the country are franchises. Buying a franchise can be wise, of course, as you can piggyback on an established brand. If you are thinking about purchasing a fast-food franchise, […]

What Should you Include in a Commercial Lease Agreement?

When you own commercial real estate property in Texas, you may consider leasing it to other businesses. This decision can hold many benefits for you including the enjoyment of passive income. Prior to allowing someone else to use your space, you will want to implement a formal lease agreement. Knowing what to include in this […]

Preparing to Sell your Business?

Building your business and getting it to a point where it has considerable marketability is a major accomplishment. The decision to sell your business can be bittersweet. Because of the work you have put in, you will want to find a buyer that honors the valuation and sees the potential. Here are some considerations to […]

What are Houston Zoning Laws

If you are a recent arrival in Houston with plans to develop commercial properties, you may reasonably assume you need to first familiarize yourself with the city’s zoning laws. You may be surprised to learn Houston actually has no formal zoning laws. According to the Kinder Institute for Urban Research, the city’s regulations impose very few […]

Issues to Consider in a Business Merger or Acquisition

Mergers may provide business owners with opportunities to become part of a much larger organization. As noted by the U.S. Small Business Administration, mergers involve two or more separate companies combining into one new entity. Many businesses, however, discover that the merger did not prove as beneficial as expected. Differences in pre-merger operations may hamper a smooth […]

International Business Ventures Require Well Drafted Agreements

Any business venture requires the right agreements, and those agreements must abide by the laws of wherever that venture takes place. This gets more complicated when you include international partnerships. In 2021, for example, two chemical manufacturing businesses aimed to join forces in the Asian automaker market. KPX and Huntsman unite The President of KPX […]

Is an LLC Right for You?

When starting off on your business journey, one of the first steps you must take involves deciding on your business structure. You have plenty to choose from, and each offers its own potential benefits along with possible drawbacks or hurdles. An LLC – or limited liability company – is just one of the many structures […]

What Should you Know about Title Insurance?

If you purchased or plan to purchase commercial real estate, have likely investigated all the requirements. In addition to the obligations in the purchasing process, you may also consider some optional steps, such as purchasing a title insurance policy. Understanding title insurance and when you need it may help protect you and your property. Protection […]

Structuring as an LLC

As new business owners, one of the first steps people take often includes choosing a business structure type. Among several other options, a limited liability company is a common organization choice for those with medium- or higher-risk businesses. Before structuring their fledgling businesses as limited liability companies, however, it behooves business owners to understand what […]